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Williams/Bally Complete Replacement Speaker System for WPC89 Machines

Flipper Fidelity

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Unleash the full sound capabilities in your Williams or Bally WPC89 pinball machine – rich, rumbling bass and crystal-clear vocals and sound effects – installed in 30 minutes with no permanent modifications to your game. All of our speakers and wiring kits are specifically designed by and manufactured for Flipper Fidelity to ensure 100% compatibility with the factory sound board and include our color-correct wiring harnesses to maintain a factory-original appearance. The result is a simplified, “frustration-free” installation that will add depth and detail to the sound system in your Williams or Bally pinball.

The complete three-piece replacement speaker system starts with 2 of our custom-designed, high-efficiency 5" 2-way speakers (8 Ohm speakers wired in parallel to achieve a 4 Ohm load at the amp). The capabilities of the backbox speakers are critical to delivering the majority of music, voice and sound effects in modern pinball machines while being efficient enough not to overdrive the amp at maximum volume levels. Extensive testing and design enhancements have resulted in the optimum balance of speaker performance characteristics – to bring out the best sound in your Stern pinball machine.

To complement the backbox speaker upgrade, the kit includes our dedicated high-output 8" 8 Ohm cabinet woofer with integrated low-pass filter with user-selectable output levels. The integrated low-pass filter rolls off frequencies above 200Hz- turning your lower cabinet into one big subwoofer. This is bass you can feel during gameplay – and is perfectly calibrated to sound-level align with our backbox speakers. This system also adds a volume attenuation control for backbox speakers. This allows for fine tuning of the relative volume between the backbox speakers and the cabinet woofer, and another level of protection for your valuable sound board. 

All of our speaker kits include full-detail printed installation instructions, and all adaptors to perfect fitment. For those looking for additional install support we have online instructions (Flipper Fidelity University) and available phone support (M-F, 8am-5pm EST).

We ARE pinball enthusiasts –and back everything we sell with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. FF-WB-WPC89-FL


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