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LED Panel Prototype SALE

It is time to clean out some items to make some room.  These are the first panel made for the specific machine they fit.  I have kept them just in case I would need to go back and reference but has not been needed in a long while.  Some have extra holes, or some writing on the panel.  Some have both.  Most are flashing panels and some will dim.  Most were made prior to the addition to the dimming circuit. All are discounted heavily, work 100%, and will be looked over and tested before shipping.  The price includes shipping to the lower 48.


If you found this page and would like to purchase one or more, send me a note to with your interests.   We can go from there.  I will remove as I ship them out.  Michael


Game Flash Dimmer Notes Price
24 Yes No   100
ACDC Helen Yes No   180
ACDC Lucy Yes No   180
ACDC Premium No No   120
ACDC Pro Yes Yes   120
ACDC Roadcase No No   160
Avatar Yes Yes   120
Avengers Hulk Yes No   140
Avengers LE Yes No   140
Avengers Premium Yes No   140
Avengers Pro Yes No   140
Batman 66 Premium No Yes   120
Batman Dark Knight Yes No   120
Big Buck Hunter Yes No   100
Black Spiderman Yes No   120
Deadpool Pro No No   100
Elvis Yes No   120
Game of Thrones No No   120
Game of Trones LE No Yes   120
Ghostbusters Pro No Yes   120
Guardians of the Galaxy Premium No Yes   120
Guardians of the Galaxy Pro No Yes   120
Guardians of the Galaxy Pro No Yes   120
Indiana Jones Yes No   100
Indiana Jones No No   120
Iron Maiden Premium No No   120
Iron Maiden Pro No No   120
Lord of the Rings No No   100
Metallica Pro Yes No   120
Munsters Pro Yes No   120
Mustang LE Yes No   160
Mustang Premium Yes No   120
Mustang Pro Yes No   120
Nascar Yes No   120
NBA Yes No   100
Pirates of the Caribean Yes No   120
Playboy Yes No   120
Ripleys Believe it or Not Yes No   120
Rolling Stones Yes No   120
Sharkey's Shootout No No   80
Sharkey's Shootout Yes No   100
Spiderman Yes No   120
Spiderman Vault Edition Yes No   120
Star Trek Premium Yes No   120
Star Trek Pro Yes No   120
Star Wars Premium No Yes   120
Star Wars Pro No Yes   120
Transformers Autobot No No   120
Transformers Autobot Yes Yes   160
Transformers Combo LE Yes No   120
Transformers Decepicon Yes Yes   160
Transformers Pro Yes No   120
Tron 2D Yes No   120
Tron V3 Yes No   160
Walking Dead Premium Yes No   120
Walking Dead Premium Yes No   120
Walking Dead Pro Yes No   120
World Poker Tour Yes No   100
WWE Divas No Yes   120
WWE LE No Yes   120
WWE Pro No Yes   120
Xmen Pro Yes No   120
Xmen Wolverine Yes No   120